O trabalho científico de Leonardo era praticamente desconhecido ao longo de sua vida. Agora Fritjof Capra revela que Leonardo foi, em muito sentidos. Fritjof Capra. · Rating details · ratings · 70 reviews. Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific explorations were virtually unknown during his lifetime, despite their. : Ciencia De Leonardo, La Naturaleza Profunda De La Mente ( ) by FRITJOF CAPRA and a great selection of similar New, Used .

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If I didnt know any better I would say that Moshe Feldenkrais read this book as he was developing his method.

He held painting as one of the highest culminations of art and science because that was what he made to be. Mar 14, Amber rated it really liked it.

The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance

One of the most interesting points was Leonardo’s use of the word “spiritual. Marzia Niccolai rated it liked it Apr 21, Oct 15, Jenny rated it really liked it Shelves: However in the last couple of chapters the author try to put the scientific achievements of leonardo and here comes the boring part due to couple of reasons that -though it was revolutionary discoveries on its time- its boring to know that a leonarro was good at every aspect of his life and also boring to read an obvious discoveries that is granted for us to know at our nowadays again!

Want to Read saving…. The first half focuses on his general biography, the second half the science itself.

A Ciência de Leonardo da Vinci: Um Mergulho Profundo na Mente do Grande Gênio da Renascença

Well written so it was actually a quick read. Interesting but not quite as informative as I would have liked. Return to Book Page. Also, I envy that he could take three years to complete a masterpiece, The Last Super. He would take up one, realize the need to know about another – take that up to, and on and on.


One technique he invented and mastered was “sfumato” – the delicate art of blending and melting shades into one another, creating more of a 3D effect. Jul 13, Steve rated it really liked it Shelves: I disagree that CP incorporates all he says it does.

Perhaps most importantly, Leonardo pioneered an empirical, systematic approach to the observation of nature-what is known today as the scientific method. It went through his life through the notebooks and the evolutions of his interests.

The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance by Fritjof Capra

Mike Gabor rated it liked it May 25, He felt that we would be wise to respect nature and learn from her. The two shared a similar outlook on knowlege, advocating that everything we know we know from experience.

Eventually i think it almost the first seventy percent of icencia book it was truly a Journey in the mind of Leo. A great read for any who are interested in the ancestors of the modern scientist. Leonardo was the master of the Renaissance, excelling in engineering, mathematics, chemistry, anatomy, optics, aeronautics, as well as painting.

One interesting bit of minutia to note: Rated three stars for “Ok if you have nothing better to do with your time.

My main takeaway from this book? In order to be an artist, you need to observe carefully. He studied the leonardoo patterns of birds to create some of the first human flying machines; designed military weapons and defenses; studied optics, hydraulics, and the workings of the human circulatory system; and created designs for rebuilding M Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific explorations were virtually unknown during his lifetime, despite their extraordinarily wide range.


I would have liked to have seen far more pictures though What is under the frjtjof that makes part of the neck bulge like that when a person turns their head?

Sebuah lukisan yang seperti dikatakan Capra sendiri”Adalah kritik tajam seni terhadap kedunguan perang. Mar 21, Erin rated it really liked it. Capra considers da Vinci’s wide-ranging curiosity and wonders how our world view might be different had the notebooks been widely available. He rose from humble beginnings by gaining political favor for his fritjoff of weaponry and his remaining journals trace his life and thoughts.

He also was a master at creating light effects in his paintings. Critjof Capra born February 1, is an Austrian-born American physicist. This particular book was well done – a bit dry in parts – but informative and evenhanded.

Also, deeply private, making books about him reliant on tales told about him rather than by him. Along this path one continually encounters an intensely curious thinker who continually strives to discover the truth.

Biographical stuff about Leonardo and a good effort at fitting him fitjof the role of “first true scientist. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Most people have seen some of his anatomical sketches he has done but he was so much more than even an artist and anatomist.

Dec 02, Denise rated it really liked it Shelves:

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