Querelle of Brest [Jean Genet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Querelle is regarded by many critics as Jean Genet’s highest achievement in the novel–certainly one of the landmarks of postwar French literature. The story of a. Jean Genet’s five novels have secured him international recognition as one of the masters’ of modern French fiction. He wrote “Querelle” in the.

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I’ve seen women feel attractive as if they imagine themselves to look like a pretty woman standing next to them. This distance from the text is signaled almost immediately by the blatant artificiality of the setting. Time has to go by better. Okay, some of it was because the actors looked like “Okay, if queerlle say they are hot, girls” love interests on The Golden Girls ick to me.

Mar quereelle, Mark rated it it was ok. Many of his memories of Toulon, a naval center, were transferred to Brest, where he had been in prison and which he undoubtedly selected […] for its historic associations. I don’t know how geneg to be like that either. Faber and Faber; Main edition April 11, Language: Is it losing to die over and over in doing it?

I decided to read this after watching that strange Fassbinder film adaptation, which I thought was interesting until the totally anticlimactic ending. But it has no like. I quereelle relate to Querelle’s own planet of loneliness, if not the murders.

There is a great story here, and labyrinthine characters, but the style jeqn too jarring for me, and the prose desultory. He’d never go away. It’s a way of putting oneself at ease that nothing can hurt you. They try and exert in some sick and cruel ways and then make up fictions to get by. He probably wouldn’t be that into them. There’s a different side shown in Querelle.


Querelle of Brest – Wikipedia

As a straight man, I sure do have a love for Gay literature and Gay authors. No ordinary person would otherwise find Querelle other than revolting and despicable. Gil hated him for wanting to own him. Instead of early birds getting worms I just feel wormy. Querelle lives his whole life as his own movie stage in his own mind. Even Genet himself seems to admit that the ‘book has gone on too long’ near the end, and when the last page is finally reached, the payoff doesn’t feel grand. More than the multiple murders in the book, it seemed wrong.

The book feels like that jazzed up feeling I get only from watching someone very charismatic. Damn straight I do. Dec 26, Greg rated it it was amazing. The costumes seem to reference mostly the s or s, but there are jarring anachronistic elements, including the constant use of switchblades which conjures images of the s and, in one scene, West Side Story specifically and most notably an arcade console video game and a hand-held tape-recorder.

There was more to it than that Theo hated what he couldn’t have. Since yesterday my feelings about Genet the writer have improved a little — the second half of the book is definitely more compelling than the first. Okay, I don’t know if anyone who is reading this has ever seen Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo ’66 one of my favorite films.

If there’s no reflection they seem less real to me than the one far away that I cannot touch. The description on Mme Lysiane is very inspired — more so, I think, than that of any of the male characters. I know they are stories.

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Somehow he starts to feel less like a phoenix rising and it’s too lonely. En Querelle no hay arrepentimiento por nada. Nonetheless, those moments that do shine, shone as brightly as Querelle’s smile in which we all lose ourselves and assume “the attitude by which we comprehend what love is: My big plans for the night was watching my dvd of Fassbinder’s Querelle. James, at gent the crime aspects could have been played for more interest than they were.


Enclosed within a huge glass case, corresponding almost to the shape of its body, this creature is mauve in colour and soft, almost gelatinous querdlle substance.

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Definitely not a good place to appreciate his work. It’s taken me a long time to say why Jean Genet tears me so. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Sign up here to receive your FREE qyerelle. Sep 04, Jerome K rated it it was ok. It is a master’s work and probably deserves 5 stars; I’ll re-visit and update.

The status of who has the upper hand happens over and over. I felt the deliberate sever but not the line from before.

The shadowy to them friendships and invisible genft threads between the men. Something I am unsure of in either of Genet’s books I’ve read is the feminine role that allows two men to be together.


I thought for sure the movie would have it in geenet. Though they celebrate the realm of the Prince of Darkness, they speak the language of an inverted sanctity. Gil serenades Roger over the noise of the aforementioned video game. May 10, Errol Barnes rated it really liked it Shelves:

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