The caracol represents the ideals of an autonomous Zapatista government with direct reference to a distant Maya past on two levels, and. Para conocer la historia y el trabajo de los Caracoles, las Juntas de Buen Gobierno y de los Caracoles Zapatistas se retoma la palabra del al anunciar su. Professor Marissa Forbis, a Chiapas veteran, explains the current arrangement in the Zapatista caracoles in more detail during a recent.

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Twitter Facebook Email Print. Now more than education promoters give classes in as many communities. But the hospital exists and now competes with the big state hospital in Guadalupe Tepeyac that was established injust before the Zapatista uprising, by then-President Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Also out to watch the show are peace campers from Argentina, Barcelona, and France; the team of cracoles people charged with the autonomous communications project; and a group from the United States that is building the Zapatista secondary school.

Celebrating the Caracoles | Schools for Chiapas

Although it is an old story, it is one that lives on in the memory of the people here. The government schools only give classes in Spanish. There were endless meetings where people from all over the zone discussed the needs of the communities and planned the courses and study caraoles.

The new herbalist laboratory has a story behind it. Views Read Edit View history. During Schools for Chiapas will organize quarterly workshops in Zapatista territory and occasional events elsewhere bringing academics and activists together to plan concrete actions to save Mother Earth.


Zapatista teacher Galeano video at The incidence of indigenous members of the PRI being treated in the autonomous health clinics is increasing in this zone. The Zapatista communities claim caracolee be firmly environmentalist and to have stopped the extraction of oil, uranium, timber and metal from the Lacandon Jungle and stopped the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in farming.

But little by little women are waking up and realizing that they have a right to take part zapatisgas other experiences. The land is one of the issues of most concern to the people. Liberty According to the Zapatistas. They survive without land to farm, and food and medicine are always scarce. Caracooles Schools for Chiapas will organize quarterly workshops in Zapatista territory and occasional events elsewhere bringing academics and activists together to plan concrete actions to save Mother Earth.

Mexico portal Socialism portal. The clinic was founded on Feb. They go on to explain: The Workings of Zapatista Government”.

Celebrating the Caracoles

They are looked after there by nuns who in were threatened with death by the local bosses and ranch owners who accused them of the terrible crime of opening the hospital doors to anyone who knocked. They now include vegetables and horticulture, sewing and embroidery, candle making, and bakeries.

A report by the non-governmental international organization, Sipaz, concludes with the following recommendation on the autonomous municipalities:.

The most recent development in education is that this year secondary courses began. The promoters also work in borrowed or temporary houses with a zapatistss roof for protection.

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Create a free website or blog at WordPress. A total of health promoters look after Zapatista and non-Zapatista patients in more than community health houses. The people learn to command and oversee our work, and we learn to obey.

They were given pesos a month each to stay at the hospital full time. In the community of Veracruz, the Zapatistas run a warehouse that supplies hundreds of small community shops, both Zapatista and non-Zapatista. Mariana Mora — Indigenous Autonomous Municipalities.

Autonomy is a word that Schools for Chiapas readers and researchers will come across often on the website. Now zapatisstas of those who graduated from secondary school give classes in the newly created primary schools.

The seed has spread and now the communities of Huitiupan, Sabanilla, and Tila take part in the program.

What is Zapatista Autonomy?

Schools for Chiapas photos He takes videos with his mini-camera that are later edited on an Apple Mac. In the small but functional clinical lab, specialist health promoters work on blood analysis, urine tests, tests for parasites, and other basic tests.

From here the whole world learned about the indigenous people who had taken up arms, the insurrection, their motives, and their sorrows.

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